Xmas and Cancer

We know how hard it can be to find the right words after someone is diagnosed with cancer.

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Channel Ten News: The Big Hug Box Delivers Random Hug of Kindness Boxes to Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

The Big Hug Box were grateful for the support of Channel Ten News for recently sharing with the Australian Community the delivery of our Random Hug of Kindness (RHoK).

Even though you may not know directly someone going through cancer, you can also give a Big Hug to someone facing the challenges of treatment at The Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.

Find out more about our Random Hug of Kindness Initiative today.


"The big hug box is for a lovely young lady I work with who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer :( It’s hard to know what to say or do so the hug box is such a great idea!! Thank you for being so clever!"  


I had a box delivered to one of my family members this week, and she loved it. I felt a bit helpless with what to say or do for her at this hard time, and I am grateful to Lisa for putting together such a thoughtful and personal box to offer my support in a practical way. Thank you again for this wonderful idea!


Thank you for this absolutely beautiful idea ... There are so many little treasures in this box and it is packaged so beautifully. Thank you for providing a special gift full of the things that I didn't know my aunt desperately needed.


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