We understand

How hard a cancer diagnosis can be...

Not only for the patient, but all those around them. Our big hugs are a perfect way of letting someone facing cancer know you are there. When the words are hard to find.
join the big hug box for

RHoK 2020

Donate a care pack for a patient undergoing treatment this Random Act of Kindness Day and help The Big Hug Box face cancer with kindness.

I received my Big Hug Box a couple of days ago and can't stop looking at this beautiful collection of soothing things. I'm half way through my chemo treatment and haven't been able to work since my diagnosis last November.

Fiona Nolan

Thank you for this absolutely beautiful idea.  There are so many little treasures in this box and it is packaged so beautifully. Thank you for providing a special gift full of the things that I didn't know my aunt desperately needed.

Erin Visser

Well, today was made that much better, receiving a random hug of kindness. Thank you so very, very much. It has been a week, of being blown away by the genuine caring and compassion from others

Julie Williams

I was like, how did someone know that I needed this??

I have given two beautiful ladies I know a “ big hug box”, both have been blown away with all the wonderful products in the box

C Graham

I received my Big Hug Box today from a beautiful friend. I cannot believe how lovely it is and i feel very privileged

Janese Bryant