Nominate an Australian cancer research and awareness organisation to become our seasonal Big Hug Beneficiary

With every sale of a Big Hug Box, all profits from sales are proudly passed on to assist in improving the outcomes of Australians affected by cancer.
Since 2018, The Big Hug Box is proud to have donated over $40,000 to one sole beneficiary from the profits of sales and now are excited to extend our ability to support other organisations who are working tirelessly to support patients and families through our monthly Big Hug Box Beneficiary Program.
The Big Hug Box acknowledge that there are many incredible organisations doing a fantastic job in providing important services through research and other initiatives that assist in improving patient outcomes from diagnosis to treatment and then on to recovery.
From July 2022, we are placing the power in the hands of our community in which all profits from sales of online Big Hug Boxes will be donated to cancer research and support programs.
How our new beneficiary program will work is
1) By filling out our nomination form, you will let us know of an organisation dedicated to supporting Australians affected by cancer through their vital research and awareness work and what receiving a donation from The Big Hug Box might assist this organisation in providing.
2) The Big Hug Box will carefully review all nominations
3) On the first of every season change, we will announce (via social media) the selected cancer-related orgainisation to receive profits from all Big Hug Boxes, purchased on our website during that month
4) At the end of each season (3 month duration) The Big Hug Box team will finalise the total donation amount to be received by the nominated charity
5) The donation amount will be shared with our community via social media.
To nominate an organisation doing a fantastic job please fill out the nomination form in which you will be required to let us know a few details about yourself and why you are nominating them.
We look forward to hearing about all the incredible organisations doing incredible things, and can't wait to support them with their important work!