Q. Who should I have The Big Hug Box sent to when filling out the shipping address? 

You can either choose to have The Big Hug Box sent to yourself for you to present to your loved one when you see them next. Or if you would like, you may choose to have The Big Hug Box sent directly to the patient. Just remember if it is to a hospital we require all information including Patient Name, Bed Number, Ward Name, Hospital Name. 

The Big Hug Box recommends that the safest way of ensuring its safe arrival is to have the box delivered to yourself as we cannot take any responsibility for a Box that is not received by a patient.

Q. How long will my Big Hug Box take to arrive?

A. All orders are sent by courier from Newcastle. Our Big Hug Boxes are usually prepared and shipped within 2 working days.

As we pride our self on supporting small and locals business products it does sometimes take us a little longer for the supply of our beautiful products, it is theni n periods of high demand we anticipate that boxes are shipped out (at the absolute latest) within 10 working days from the order date. We appreciate your understanding and support.

Q. What does profits to cancer research mean?

The Big Hug is a not for profit incorporated association. All profits made from sales of The Big Hug Box will go to our chosen charity, Cure Cancer Australia. Cure Cancer Australia is a not for profit organisation dedicated to funding Australia’s brightest emerging cancer researchers working across all areas of cancer research and all cancer types. Learn more about the organisation by visiting their
website curecancer.com.au

Q. How do I know profits are going to Cure Cancer Australia?

A. Cure Cancer Australia are founding partners of the Big Hug Box. The funds raised through sales of the Big Hug Box will always be presented in a transparent way. Total funds raised to date are displayed here. Cure Cancer Australia have also endorsed the use of their logo across our website. A message of support from Cure Cancer Australia can be found on our home page. If you require any further information, please call 1300 134 567, or email community@curecancer.com.au.

Q. Is The Big Hug Box interested in more potential products for it´s boxes?

A. If you are a small business that has a product that you may believe is suitable for our Big Hug Box please feel free to contact us thebighugbox@gmail.com.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us we would love to hear from you.

Email: thebighugbox@gmail.com

Mobile: 0431 868 332