Facing Cancer with confidence- Gemma Nichols

A common challenge for patients facing cancer is that they struggle feeling like themselves. Hair loss, skin sensitivities and just feeling exhausted can have effect on a patients confidence.

At The Big Hug Box we are continuously searching for ways to empower our patients and we are extremely excited to have Gemma Nichols on board as our Beauty Ambassador who will have your back in making you feel your best during these challenging times.

As you get to know Gemma through this introduction, you will see that Gem has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share. She is also the most kindest, and passionate woman who is determined to make a difference and we thank her for her commitment to supporting our community.

Gemma has had an amazing career since entering the hair and makeup scene in 2005. She has worked with the celebrities at Channel 9 and has extensive experience making bridal parties feel their best, she has even been involved in Sydney Fashion week.

Since commencing in 2005 word quickly got out on Gemma's amazing skills and 2009 Gemma Nichols Hair and Makeup Artistry was launched and is now a flourishing agency of talented artists in Sydney. Gem has received awards for Best Wedding Makeup Artist in NSW by The Australian Bridal Industry Awards as well as Elle Magazine naming her one of the top 6 Bridal Artists in Sydney.

What Gemma loves about makeup is the “opportunity to connect with people and bring joy and confidence to those being made up”. In 2017 Gem and Founder Lisa connected and made her feel amazing for her Q & A Session with the amazing Kerri-Anne Kennerly at Cure Cancer event at Otto Restaurant back in 2017. Gem says " I was instantly inspired by Lisa's Story and strength and jumped at the chance to become the Beauty Ambassador for The Big Hug Box" 

Lisa Greissl with Kerri Anne Kennerly

Founder Lisa Greissl with Kerri-Anne Kennerly in 2017

Makeup can be empowering and a mood lifter and so Gem is looking forward to sharing her skills and beauty tips with women undergoing treatment for cancer. With her experience, Gem understands the many side effects that can make a patient not feel as confident as they would usually feel and looks forward to helping our Big Hug Box community feeling confident as they face cancer.

Gemma's amazing work and support will be shared under our Support Page for anyone needing a little confidence and assistance as they face cancer in which we plan to update regularly.

We look forward to covering common issues faced by many patients such as creating the perfect brow and we are also in the middle of finding some amazing products.

If you have any suggestions for a tutorial we would love to hear from you, please reach out to us