About Us

Through tough times,

We know that there is nothing more comforting than a Big Hug.

Founded in January 2018, The Big Hug Box is a registered not for profit charity based in Newcastle. The Big Hug Box was carefully developed to become the most practical and comforting cancer care pack that family and friends could send a loved one facing cancer, when the words seem hard to find.

The products selected for our boxes have been chosen through the knowledge and experience of not only patients, but also clinical specialists and commitment businesses who assist in treating the side effects of treatment in skin, oral care and other mental and physical health considerations that cancer can have an effect on.

The Big Hug Box are proud to forward their profits from sales to incredible cancer organisations that assist in prevention and support measures for all types of cancer. 


Get to know the team

Lisa Greissl

Founder, The Big Hug Box
After experiencing a her own rare cancer diagnosis in 2015, Lisa advocates for patient wellbeing, health and support and acknowledges the importance of the little acts of kindness that play a significant part in contributing to patient wellbeing which contributed to The Big Hug Box being born.
With formal studies in Business Administration, Management and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources equipped Lisa with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make a fundraising idea come to life with the support of her amazing team.
“I am so proud of what The Big Hug Box has achieved and continues to achieve. We have built an incredibly supportive community around us who value the importance of kindness and are aligned with our values and our purpose. Together we will make a positive impact on the lives affected by cancer with a Big Hug and supporting cancer support services and organisations with profits from every sale”

Adam O’Brien

Secretary, The Big Hug Box

Adam leads the public-sector and not-for-profit advisory practice of a national management consulting firm. Adam works with leaders in public sector organisations in Australia and New Zealand, helping them design and deliver on their strategies, and build proud, passionate, and purposeful teams. He mentors younger professionals and has worked on strategic projects with several not for profits including Royal Flying Doctors Service, Seeing Eye Dogs, Impact for Woman and Pegasus – Riding for the Disabled.

Adam provides strategic advice and mentoring to The Big Hug Box Founder and Team. He primarily advises on strategy development, business planning, leadership and partnership engagement. Drawing on his experience as an in-house legal advisor, he has taken on the role of Secretary and ensures TBHB is compliant with its obligations under Australian law and partner agreements.

“I've known Lisa for almost half of my life. When Lisa told me about her idea for the Big Hug Box, I immediately knew it was something special and had tremendous potential to support so many people. While I believe the absolute best thing anyone can do for someone they know going through cancer treatment is being present, there’s always going to be times when that’s just not possible. The Big Hug Box is such a practical way to show someone going through cancer that you’re thinking of them, and wanting to make their treatment and experience a little less difficult. I didn’t hesitate to offer help in making Lisa’s vision for The Big Hug Box come to life, and consider it a privilege to be part of this special organisation and community.”


Treasurer, The Big Hug Box

Bethan provides invaluable support to The Big Hug Box through managing monthly accounting activities and overseeing other financial requirements. Bethan is a creative and highly energetic member of the Big Hug Box team and can always be seen providing exciting ideas and considerations to assist in making The Big Hug Box become as purposeful and impactful within the Australian Community.

“Lisa and I met in high school and have been great friends for a long time. After Lisa finished treatment and started her recovery she came up with this great idea to develop The Big Hug Box and I offered to help in anyway I could!

I am very grateful to be part of The Big Hug Box Community. I believe The Big Hug Box is a great way for people who don’t know what to do or how to help friends or family going through treatment”

Jody Horne

Marketing & Partnerships, The Big Hug Box

Jody joined forces with The Big Hug Box in 2021, volunteering her skills
and expertise in design, marketing and social media. As a survivor of
young-onset bowel cancer, Jody stumbled across The Big Hug Box during
her work with fellow cancer warrior Sarah Foster, on the Cells Behaving
Badly project. Established in 2020, Cells Behaving Badly is a grassroots
public health campaign aimed to raise awareness of bowel cancer, inspire
real conversations about bowel health, and change the outdated narrative
that bowel cancer is an older person’s disease.
Since joining the team, Jody has played an integral part in the growth of the
Big Hug Box community, building partnerships, enhancing the website, and
supporting the team to further develop products and initiatives.

“During the first Covid-19 lockdown in Melbourne, Sarah, co-creator of
Cells Behaving Badly and my cancer comrade, continued chemotherapy for
advanced bowel cancer. Frightened by what it would mean to face cancer
and Covid at the same time, Sarah spent much of this time isolated from
her friends and family at home.

As an attempt to lift her spirits, I nominated Sarah to receive a Big Hug as part of the Give Melbourne a Hug initiative. I was delighted when I learnt that a Big Hug was on its way. Sarah Face Timed me on the day it was delivered, sharing the experience as she opened and carefully examined each item in the box. We were both impressed by the practicality and thoughtfulness of each product; agreeing that it was perfectly curated.

The Big Hug Box enabled me to brighten Sarah’s day during a really difficult time. It will always be a fond memory and source of inspiration for me, to help The Big Hug Box continue to support cancer patients, and raise funds for vital cancer research, wellness and support groups.

The Big Hug Box is driven by a team of experts (who I am also very fortunate to call my friends!) dedicated in supporting our community whilst supporting our very important researchers.