About Us

We know that there is nothing more comforting than a Big Hug.

That is why The Big Hug Box are helping families, friends, besties, work colleagues to send Big Hugs across Australia to cope with the shock of a cancer diagnosis. The Big Hug Box also encourages the community through our Random Hug of Kindness (RHoK) Box initiative in which patients of the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse as a random act of kindness.

Founded in January 2018, The Big Hug Box is a registered not for profit charity based in Newcastle. Our mission is to help ease the uncertainty and emotions that the patient and those around them feel when they hear the word cancer, a word too many Australians are hearing each and everyday. With all profits from sales donated to Cure Cancer Australia we are helping patients now through our gift boxes and help patients diagnosed in the future, through funding our youngest and brightest cancer researchers in finding a cure. 

Our gift boxes contain carefully selected products that have been chosen by the Founder, Lisa Greissl, who endured her own cancer battle after receiving a cancer diagnosis of a rare and aggressive cancer on her spine in December 2015. Our products are sourced as much as possible by small Australian businesses and are as organic and natural as possible.

We believe a Big Hug will help many when there are just no words and we hope that our gift boxes continue to help many through the challenges of cancer that  thousands of Australians face every day. Together, we've got this!

Meet the Team

The Big Hug Box is driven by a team of experts (who I am also very fortunate to call my friends!) who are dedicated in finding a cure and helping cancer patients whilst facing challenges through diagnosis and treatment.

Lisa Greissl, Founder

Lisa Greissl The Big Hug Box Cancer Survior







My name is Lisa, I am a wife, mum of two young girls and also a cancer survivor. I am extremely grateful to now be able to help other cancer patients and loved ones in a time of uncertainty and helplessness.

To share a bit about my cancer battle, I was diagnosed in 2015 with a rare and malignant tumor, a Teratoma on my spine. As soon as I received my diagnosis, I began treatment began immediately. It was extremely short, 3 very intensive rounds of Chemotherapy and major surgery.

Already in February 2016 I received the unexpected but best outcome possible, and that was that all cancer cells tested after surgery were necrotic as a result of chemotherapy. I am grateful for the knowledge of my oncologist, who received grants from Cure Cancer over 30 years ago. All profits from sales will go to this organisation who support our youngest and brightest cancer researchers in finding a cure and saving more lives like mine.

I am also an Ambassador for Cure Cancer Australia. But when I am not trying to help find a cure for cancer I love going for coffee, going to the park with my girls and also rowing.

Adam O'Brien, Business Advisor

Adam O'Brien, The Big Hug Box for Cancer Patients

I've known Lisa for almost half of my life. She’s always been energetic, caring, passionate, loving and so full of life. That’s just who Lisa is. Then three years ago I hear Lisa has been diagnosed with cancer. At first I thought it was a mistake, I didn’t know anyone old enough called Lisa to have cancer. But it wasn’t. And then that overwhelming sense of concern and helplessness hit. What should I do? What could I do? How could I help?

When Lisa told me about her idea for the Big Hug Box, I immediately knew it was something special and provided an answer to those questions above. While I believe the absolute best thing anyone can do for someone they know going through treatment is being present, there’s always going to be times when that’s just not possible. The Big Hug Box is such a practical way to show someone going through cancer that you’re thinking of them, and wanting to make their treatment a little less difficult.

I didn’t hesitate to offer to help in making The Big Hug Box come to life. Providing a range of commercial and legal advice to Lisa in setting up and running the Big Hug Box is a great privilege for me, and a nice change in focus from my day to day life as a director of a management consulting firm.

I also want to share that Lisa’s concern for others started long ago. That photo up there of us was taken at a Breast Cancer Fundraising breakfast Lisa held at our house way back in our university days, well before she herself was diagnosed. She’s as genuine as they come, and I am so proud of how she has turned something terrible into something as amazing as The Big Hug Box.


Bethan Pearce, Treasurer

Treasurer of The Big Hug Box Bethan Perarce

Lisa and I have been best friends since school. We have such a great friendship where no matter how far we live away from each other or how long it’s been since catch ups it’s like we saw each other yesterday.

I remember the day Lisa rang and told me they think she has cancer, I was in disbelief/shock and hoping that it wasn’t the case but unfortunately it was. From that day on I saw my best friend go through something that no one should ever have to go through. Despite all that she went through Lisa always showed strength, courage, determination and positivity.

So, in saying all of that it is no surprise to me that as soon as Lisa was well enough, she decided to give back and help try and find a cure for cancer. 

I am so thankful that I still have my best friend to share life’s journey with. I know that this isn’t the case for a lot of people, so this is why I have jumped at the chance to help Lisa with the big hug box and very grateful for the chance to be a part of this journey with her.


Alice Dore, Social Media Expert

I met Lisa at University in Canberra back when Big Brother was a thing, Facebook didn’t exist and cancer was something that happened to old people. Fast-forward to today and I find myself living in Sydney working as a Social Media & Online Content Manager for a travel brand which I love.  

When Lisa was diagnosed with cancer, one of the first things to strike me was how young she was and how really it could have been anyone of us. So, when Lisa launched The Big Hug Box I knew it was something special and I contacted her to see if I could assist with some of the social media aspects of her business.

What I love most about The Big Hug Box is that it has a soul. It’s as close to a hug as a business can be, it wraps around people when times are tough, creating a moment where they can feel safe and loved. It then gives hope that things can be better, especially in the way the box champions support for cancer research and seeking a cure via its support of the charity Cure Cancer. I hope that though The Big hug Box we can make the lives of those effected by cancer better.