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Donate a Random Hug Of Kindness (RHoK) Box
Random Act of Kindness RHoK Cancer Gift
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Donate a Random Hug Of Kindness (RHoK) Box

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"Facing cancer with kindness" - Lisa Greissl, Founder
This Random Act of Kindness Day buy a Random Hug of Kindness Box to help someone in need of a Big Hug going through cancer.

Join many individuals and businesses who have already supported this amazing community focused initiative. 

Did you know that with the sale of every RHoK Box you will be achieving three amazing things?!

1. Gifting a cancer patient as a  random act of kindness who is going through treatment one of our Big Hug Boxes. 

2. Helping to raise money for Cure Cancer Australia, who fund Australia’s brightest, most innovative emerging researchers working across all areas of cancer research and all cancer types.

3. Get an extremely large rush of feel good vibes doing a Random Act of Kindness, knowing that you have impacted positively on the above two points.

If you are an individual or an organisation and were looking for an opportunity to do a random act of kindness this is an amazing way. Kindness when it is really needed.

Everything that is in our Big Hug Box you will also find in our RHoK Boxes. Check out exactly what is included here

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