The Original (and best!) Big Hug Box
The Original (and best!) Big Hug Box
The Original (and best!) Big Hug Box
The Original (and best!) Big Hug Box
The Original (and best!) Big Hug Box
The Original (and best!) Big Hug Box

The Original (and best!) Big Hug Box

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If you really want to support and spoil your loved one don't forget to also check out our additional extra special pamper and purposeful products here

Filled with empowering and practical products that have been specially selected to help with many of the common side effects of treatment (usually with a RRP of $150) your Big Hug will ensure that you will be able to show support and love to someone you know facing cancer from afar

In every Big Hug Box your loved one will find:

100% Organic Bamboo Pillowcase from EcosaThis Pillowcase is an absolute favourite in our Big Hug Boxes. It is extremely soft and breathable to not only will this help with quality of sleep but will also assist with scalp sensitivity from hair loss. 

Tea Tonic Relaxation Tea- ORGANIC - CAFFEINE FREE - VEGAN FRIENDLY - GLUTEN FREE - A restive and soothing herbal beverage for the mind and soul, with a unique lemon, lavender taste. An ideal rich accompaniment to our modern lifestyle, especially during and after a long day - or last thing at night. Ideal for calming nerves, helping people get to sleep & stay asleep.

"Milk Udder" Cream  120ml by Moo Goo - A much loved favourite by patients facing treatment for cancer and it is easy to see why! A lightweight moisturiser that easily sinks into skin and made with natural oils like Sweet Almond & Olive Oil. Full of natural healthy ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Natural Vitamin E.

"Nue" Nut Free and Natural Lip balm by Feisty Ferdy This ultra smooth lip balm will provide the ultimate care of dry, sore and cracked lips. Made on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Byron Bay Gluten Free Ginger and Date Biscuit -We know that chemo can cause havoc on taste buds and so these super soft moreish ginger and date biscuits are the perfect snack. Gluten Free, nut free and healthy too!  

Natural Deodorant Paste from No Pong - We know that treatments can leave you a bit more sensitive to products, so No Pong Bi Carb free is made with premium , all natural ingredients, has low frangrance, is gentle on skin AND super effective for everyone.

Hylodent Gum Serum (Travel Size) by Paul Beath DentalA targeted intense care on an organic basis for irritated or inflamed gums. This serum contains a special active complex with hyaluronic acid and xylitol. This active complex also has an antibacterial effect and also helps to assist in healing sore gums.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Heartfulness Online Sessions - Exclusive content created by Head and Heart Mindfulness to help Big Hug Box patients calm their minds and hearts during the overwhelming feelings of uncertainty whilst enduring treatment. Inside their Big Hug, patients will receive a special code to access content when and where they like.

Inspirational Quote Card " You are Brave and Brilliant and Oh So Resilient" by Confetti Rebel Words have the ability to uplift the spirits of any person who's eyes fall upon them. 

"You Rock" Smoky Quartz Gemstone from The Rox Box - Smoky quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones. This protective stone has a strong link with the earth and base chakras.  It is a superb antidote to stress. Amongst some of its properties is the ability to fortify resolve and to assist in tolerating difficult times. 

and... one more extra important thing to consider

All proceeds from all sales of our Big Hug Boxes will go directly to Cure Cancer Australia, funding our youngest and brightest cancer researchers in finding a cure.