Business, Charity and Social Good. We´ve Got This!

A successful business today is more than just the profit it makes.

Businesses are now choosing to involve themselves in contributing towards community social good. By doing this many have found that they are adding real value to the daily lives of not only their employees but also the community around them. The Big Hug Box has found a way to make it easier for businesses to do.

The Big Hug Box was thrilled as businesses begun to put up their hand to jump on board our next RHoK Box Delivery on the 30th and commit to social good. This involved businesses purchasing our Random Hug of Kindness (RHoK) Boxes to be donated to The Chris O´Brien Lifehouse.

We would warmly like to welcome and Thank the following two businesses

Natalie from Pure Buzz, a small business in the Wollongong and Illawarra Reigion who produces small batch premium raw honey that is all natural, unprocessed and hand packed.

Natalie from Pure Buzz explained what made her business purchase a RHoK Box as a random act of kindness:

"I came across The Big Hug Box on instagram and it brought to my mind my own cancer treatment. Whilst I was still very unwell after a transplant, someone gifted me a large gift box of useful and lovely products. It was so touching and stayed with me forever.

Whilst I cannot provide a product at this stage (but hopefully in the future!) when I discovered that the boxes were not just going to cancer warriors like me, but that all profits were being donated to Cure Cancer Australia, I just wanted to support this fantastic initiative. I was so glad I could do so by donating a RHoK Box!

Another amazing business who has jumped on board our RHoK Box contributions is Brown Sugar Espresso, a cafe also down in Wollongong ( by the way - you are awesome Wollongong!)

Brown Sugar Espresso used their tips collected on a busy Mothers Day Breakfast and Lunch service to purchase a Random Hug Of Kindness Box for a Mother in need of a hug whilst going through treatment

Two amazing businesses making two contributions that will have a big impact on the cancer patient at Chris O´Brien Lifehouse who will be about to receive such a kind and thoughtful gift from the community.

So the trend has begun. Spending money on a good cause, that can only ever have a guaranteed positive outcome (which is quite challenging to have such great odds in business!)

If you are an organisation wanting to support a charity what better way than purchasing RHoK Boxes as a one off, or even better donating boxes at every quarterly delivery that we make to The Chris O'Brien Life House. To find out more or enquire please email


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