The Big Hug Box : The gift helping cancer patients feel empowered, relaxed and beautiful becomes even bigger.

Community support has been an invaluable asset to the the success of The Big Hug Box. Together, we are able to make our giftboxes even bigger and more beautiful to help cancer patients through the toughest of treatments.

The Big Hug Box are determined to become the standout organisation in providing gifts for cancer patients that are beautiful and practical and with community support we are really heading that way. Thank you already to our small businesses that have committed their skills, time and products to make our boxes beautiful. 

We would also like to welcome and express our gratitude to two new organisations who have kindly donated products in addition to our current products. These donated products will be included in the next 30 Big Hug Boxes and RHoK (not Mini-  unfortunately!) that are sold.

Nail'd at Tiffany's is a unique, eco friendly vegan nail polish originating from sunny Perth. Created by an enthusiastic mother and a passionate beauty therapist. Nail'd at Tiffany's is a quality, ethically produced nail polish.  Each bottle is created in Australia and all her polishes are carefully hand finished & packaged in beautiful Perth, Western Australia.

Owner Tiffany, has kindly donated 30 nail polishes to be included in every sale of our Big Hug Boxes. We love that her products are vegan free and free of toxic and harsh chemicals. Allowing patients to feel beautiful without worry of toxins.

Many may know about Nourished Life is an online store dedicated to providing the very best natural, skin care, health, well being and beauty products to their customers. Their community focus and toxin free products have seen them nominated for many business awards. 

Nourished Life have generously supplied Ethically made Shampoo and Conditioner (even for the finest and most brittle of chemo hair- this sure would have been great on my scalp as I begun to lose my hair) they have also supplied a beautiful turmeric chai latte. Turmeric has great anti inflammatory properties that help with cancer treatment and prevention.

Cancer care, shampoo, natural

Tumeric Chai Latte, Cancer Care

The Big Hug Box really is becoming bigger and more beautiful with every month, check out what is also included in our Big Hug Boxes.

With community support we are able to give in return by support to our cancer patients now and into the future. The Big Hug Box are committed to community and we were thrilled to also recently announce that we are a registered charity for which all profits from sales will be going directly back to Cure Cancer Australia, funding our youngest and brightest researchers.

As you also may know we are an extremely small team for which we will ask for help from time to time to make sure that as many needing patients and their families know about our giftboxes. If you know a family, individual or even organisation who would like to support our cause please encourage them to check out our website or even email me directly at

Thankyou all again for your support - We´ve Got This!



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