Random Hug of Kindnesss (RHoK)

The Big Hug Box are all about kindness in times when it is unexpected but when it is really needed! Find out about how we have big plans to spread kindness to Australians facing cancer this Random Act of Kindness Day. 


Have you ever received a gift when you least expected it? 

You can help make a positive difference in the life of a cancer patient through our Random Hugs of Kindness in the lead up to Random Act of Kindness Day.

The Big Hug Box has delivered our boxes to cancer centres across Australia as a Random Act of Kindness which we also like to call a Random Hug of Kindness or RHoK Box.

The RHoK Box was created when the founder, Lisa Greissl, realised the potential to spread kindness further. Random Acts of Kindness are an amazing way for the community to show support to those who are enduring difficult times, a touch of kindness when it is really needed.

In the lead up to Random Act of Kindness Day we are asking individuals and work teams to consider holding a fundraiser to specially selected cancer centres in NSW, QLD and VIC.

To help you get started, here are some frequently asked questions

I would like to organise a team to fundraise for my own delivery of RHoK Boxes where do I start?

First please email us at hello@thebighugbox.com for an application form, you will be provided with the information on how we support you in coordinating the delivery and will provide you with some magical stories of previous deliveries.

How do I fundraise the money to get enough money for our own delivery?

Our RHoK Stars have been extremely creative raising money for their deliveries. You could hold a raffle or have a luncheon that is in support of your own delivery. Just ask us for more ideas if you are stuck - get as creative as you like!

How much do I approximately have to raise?

A wonderful target that is usually been set is $1500. With this amount your team will be able to donate approximately 20 boxes donated to your chosen centre.

Can we select our centre to donate to in Australia?

Of course, we would love you to if you had a centre in mind! If you do please let us know in your initial application form so that we can work together with you to arrange this with the centre.

But if you would like to, you can choose our specially chosen cancer centres that you will already find on our website.

What does it mean to purchase a RHoK Box?

It means that you will be supporting a patient going thourgh cancer when they really need it the most. You will also be supporting cancer research with proceeds going directly back to our dedicated organisation Cure Cancer.

Did you know that we have already delivered over 300 boxes to patients across Australia and with over $12 000 donated back to research and that The Big Hug Box team are planning to make RHoK It 2020 our biggest delivery Australia Wide yet.

If you think this is an awesome way to show support for our Australian community facing cancer we would love for you or your team to consider your own delivery!

If you are an individual wanting to donate now RHoK Boxes are available to donate at anytime of the year and will be part of our quarterly deliveries to Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.

To read how our powerful our random acts of kindness have been in supporting Australians facing cancer please read a very special blog in memory of our first receiver and Ambassador of The Big Hug Box, Tracy Morel.