Random Act of Kindness: Buy a RHoK Box for some one going through treatment for cancer at The Chris O´Brien Lifehouse.

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Anyone can help make a positive difference in the life of a cancer patient.

Whether you are an individual or organisation, you can participate in our Random Hug of Kindness (RHoK) Box. The RHoK Box was created when the founder, Lisa Greissl, realised the potential to spread kindness further. Random Acts of Kindness are an amazing way for the community to show support to those who are enduring difficult times, a touch of kindness when it is really needed.

A RHoK Box is a gift you can buy that will be delivered on your behalf to The Chris O´Brien LIfehouse, Sydney. The patients who may be receiving our RHoK Boxes may not have anyone next to them whilst receiving treatment or arriving in the emergency department at 2am.

What does it mean to purchase a RHoK Box?

It means that our community, being an individual or organisation are supporting a patient going thourgh cancer at the Chris O`Brien LIfehouse. You are completing a random act of kindness for which your RHoK Box will be gifted to someone needing a Big Hug the most.

What is in a RHoK Box?

Our RHoK Boxes include the same carefully selected products that are in our Big Hug Box. It is a beautifully created giftbox including products to help promote wellness and uplift patients in a time that is incredibly challenging mentally and physically.

How do I purchase a RHoK Box?

It is really easy! Head to our shop page to purchase a RHoK Box. Add to your cart and purchase online.

I have purchased a RHoK Box, what happens now?

When you purchase a RHoK Box, you will receive notification of your purchase, this donation will go towards the next RHoK delivery to the Chris O´Brien Lifehouse, these happen quarterly. The next one is happening on the 30th May. Make sure you leave your email address so we can keep you updated on our deliveries.

RHoK Boxes are available to purchase now

Watch this space as we start to receive stories from our first delivery that was made on the 6th March 2018. Read the Blog to find out more.