Our Founder

Lisa Greissl 
Founder, The Big Hug Box
After experiencing a her own rare cancer diagnosis in 2015, Lisa advocates for patient wellbeing, health and support and acknowledges the importance of the little acts of kindness that play a significant part in contributing to patient wellbeing which contributed to The Big Hug Box being born. With formal studies in Business Administration, Management and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources equipped Lisa with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make a fundraising idea come to life with the support of her amazing team.

“I am so proud of what The Big Hug Box has achieved and continues to achieve. We have built an incredibly supportive community around us who value the importance of kindness and are aligned with our values and our purpose. Together we will make a positive impact on the lives affected by cancer with a Big Hug and supporting cancer support services and organisations with profits from every sale”