Meet the Maker: Sharon from Colour me well

At Big Hug Box we're a community. We're interested in the people receiving the boxes, the friends and family gifting them and the team behind the scenes making it come to life. The goal of "Meet the Maker" is to introduce to you the people behind the brands we use in our boxes and to encourage an interest in and understanding of the care and passion that goes into every part of the boxes we send out. After all this is all about people their hopes, dreams and zeal for life. 


I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon in the very early stages of The Big Hug Box coming to life. Her amazing idea to use Art for Therapy during treatment I highly admired, especially having coloured a lot when I was in hospital.  would do a lot of colouring to distract my mind from all the questions that would form whilst by myself in my hosital(and trust me there were a lot!). I had a lot of uncertainty to deal with and I found colouring to soothe my mind. We are pleased to introduce to you today Sharon Stone from Colour me well.

Colour Me well art therapy

How did you get started?  I was looking for a way to mark off each day of radiation treatment so that I could focus on the completion as a goal.  Whilst drawing up a template on my computer, the phrase colour me well popped into my head and I decided to mark off each day through writing in the date above a box and then and colouring it in.

Three words to describe your product?

Fun, Mindful, Relaxing

Why did you choose to get involved with The Big Hug Box?

I love the concept of The Big Hug Box and giving back to others and I would have liked to have donated some calendars but unfortunately they were too big to fit into the Big Hug Box.  So when I developed the cards, it seemed a good way to help out and donate so that others experience the power of colour and mindfulness.  I think that Lisa Greissl is amazing in what she is doing and should be supported every step of the way.

Has cancer affected your life?

To be really honest, of course it has, but I consider myself to be very lucky as my diagnosis was very early and so I have not had to go through what a lot of cancer patients have.  Also as a positive psychology coach I used a lot of positive psychology tools to support and help me.  I think this is how colour me well came about as an intuitive exercise to support me.

Your favourite small business?

My friend, Carol Gibbons Photography business.  She is a master photographer and captures people at all stages of life, health and illness.  Her photography is pure art and she is also one of the kindest and most generous people I know.

What song lifts you when you've had a tough day?

It depends on what mood I am in.  I have an eclectic taste in music but if I have to pick one, I’m going to show my age and say Whiskey in the Jar by Thin Lizzy

Any tips for your product?

Enjoy the process of colouring in.  It is such a simple tool but one that takes us back to childhood and simpler things.  I would also urge people to share it amongst their Instagram community so that you can all feel like you are on the journey together.

Who gives the best hugs in your life?

I’d like to say my flatmate James but my daughter might disagree so I will say both!!

Thankyou to Sharon for sharing her personal challenges facing cancer, it is amazing to see another strong empowered woman helping others facing cancer with art for therapy. If you would like to check out what other products Sharon has created make sure that you check out her website

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