Meet the Maker: Melanie from No Pong

No Pong natural deodorant, No Tox, Organic


At Big Hug Box we're a community.

We're interested in the people receiving the boxes, the friends and family gifting them and the team behind the scenes making it come to life. The goal of "Meet the Maker" is to introduce to you the people behind the brands we use in our boxes and to encourage an interest in and understanding of the care and passion that goes into every part of the boxes we send out.

When I was diagnosed with cancer I was extremely sensitive to smell and my skin sensitivity was also at an all time high. I used minimal product.
Working together for social good, with a product made with love, The Big Hug Box is extremely thrilled to introduce Melanie from No Pong. No Pong is a all natural no scent deodorant that has become extremely popular and well known product within Australia. 

How did you get started? Chris and I decided to start No Pong when we were on a surf trip in Java and Chris didn't bring his own deodorant. I had been making a more simple version of No Pong at that time and he started using it! He was amazed at how well it worked and that's when we decided that we were on to something and No Pong was born.


Three words to describe your product? All - Natural, Effective, Affordable.

Why did you choose to get involved with The Big Hug Box? Lisa approached us to get involved and were immediately excited about it. It is such a great product and as we want use No Pong as a vehicle for social good, it fits perfectly with our ethos. We are so excited to be a part of The Big Hug Box and hope that those receiving them really feel that their packages are made and sent with love.


Has cancer affected your life? Yes, both Chris and I have had multiple close family members and friends who have had and have cancer.  It is a terrible disease, which affects everyone.

Your favourite small business? I have to say that I love the feeling that a small business gives you! When you go in and order your coffee and they know your order :)  When we lived in Sydney, 28 grams coffee shop in Dee Why was that place for me. We still stop by when we're back around.

What songs lifts you when you've had a tough day? I grew up dancing around my living room to records and my favourite as a kid and to this day is the Footloose soundtrack.. I still sing along in the car and it always brightens my day.

Any tips for your product? No Pong Bicarb Free is surprisingly effective, so you only need a small amount and make sure it is rubbed in well.  Also, wait a couple minutes after the shower to apply to allow time for your pores to close :)

Who gives the best hugs in your life? My husband and business partner Chris. My life and every day is better with him in it.

Thankyou Mel for supporting the Big Hug Box, I do agree, your product is a perfect fit!


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