Meet The Maker: Naild at Tiffanys

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At Big Hug Box we're a community.
We're interested in the people receiving the boxes, the friends and family gifting them and the team behind the scenes making it come to life. The goal of "Meet the Maker" is to introduce to you the people behind the brands we use in our boxes and to encourage an interest in and understanding of the care and passion that goes into every part of the boxes we send out.
After all, we are all in this together. Aren't we? 

We are pleased to introduce Tiffany from Naild at Tiffanys

Tiffany provides vibrant, 7free,cruetly free and vegan free nailpolishes, adding a touch of beauty in our Big Hug Boxes.

Cancer Care gift Idea, 7free non toxic vegan nailpoilish

How did you get started with your business? 
I started a business doing girls nail art parties, and wanted to source an Australian made nail polish that was safe for girls, but also one that actually stayed on (rather than washed off).  There was nothing that I could find like this on the market, so I started doing some research and investigation into designing and producing a polish that not only I could wear, but that I was happy for my daughter to wear as well.  It look a while to get my final product right, but I’m so happy with how Nail’d at Tiffany’s has turned out.   We now have 7 stockists in Western Australia, so am very really very lucky to be able to create something that I love so much and that I enjoy doing.

Three words to describe your product? 
Vegan, quality, ethical

How did you get involved with The Big Hug Box?
Lisa contacted me to see if Nail'd at Tiffany's would like the opportunity to be involved in the Big Hug Box, and of course we didn't hesitate to contribute.

Has cancer affected your life?
It's really quite scary just how many people I know (or friends of friends) who have been affected by Cancer in some way.  I think that it's very important to keep it top of mind and to talk about it, because it is so prevalent in our modern life

What is your favourite small business?
There are so many that I think are fantastic, it’s hard to pick a favourite.  I do think Darlings Day Out it a great business, and the perfect place for girls to have some fun and pampering with their friends.

What song lifts you when you've had a tough day? 
I don't really have one song in particular, but I do like a bit of dance music

Any tips for your product?
Make sure you shake the bottle well - and enjoy!

Who gives the best Hugs in your life?
Of course both my two little ones, but always my mum!

Thank you to Tiffany for your very generous donation of 30 nail polishes and being part of The Big Hug Box Journey, helping cancer patients by providing them beautiful and uplifting products for treatment.

Make sure you check out Tiffany's Website 

There is an amazing range of colours! (even ones including Glitter!)