Meet the Maker: Little Blue Wren Vintage

Meet the Maker, natural and organic lipbalmm best cancer gifts

At Big Hug Box we're a community.

We're interested in the people receiving the boxes, the friends and family gifting them and the team behind the scenes making it come to life. The goal of "Meet the Maker" is to introduce to you the people behind the brands we use in our boxes and to encourage an interest in and understanding of the care and passion that goes into every part of the boxes we send out.

After all, we are all in this together. Aren't we? 

We are pleased to introduce Jen from Little Blue Wren

When the Big Hug Box concept starting coming to life Jen was one of the first to jump on board. We are extremely privileged to have her products included in all of our boxes. Jen only uses the highest level of organic and natural ingredients including Young Living Essential Oils and 100% Beeswax (sourced from her Dedo (Grandpa's) Farm). 

From all of us at The Big Hug Box thank you for choosing to be part of making a difference in the lives of cancer patients, your dedication and support is greatly appreciated.

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 How did you get started Jen?

I have always been interested in using natural products because my mum has always used them, she encouraged me to use natural deodorant but I found that they did not work successfully on me. One day my friend told me about a natural deodorant her sister was making that actually worked, and she gave me the recipe.

At this stage I was just starting to use essential oils and so I ordered a few other products that I needed online and ‘voila’ with a few modifications, my deodorant paste was born. The lip balm soon followed and my 90 year old grandfather gave me a whole lot of his beautiful bees wax from his own bee hives.

Three words to describe your products?

Natural, Therapeutic, Effective 

 How did you get involved with RHoK?

The beautiful Lisa, creator of The Big Hug Box and RHoK box is a friend of mine and I had given her some of my products to try and it evolved from there.

 Has cancer affected your life?

Yes sadly. I have had a friend and some family members pass away from cancer.

Your favourite small business?

My favourite small business would have to be anything handmade. I couldn’t name any one in particular.

What songs lift you when you’ve had a tough day?

Songs that lift me generally are the ones that I know the words to and I can sing along with. It’s a bit daggy, I’m not sure I should admit it, but I do love 90’s music.

Any tips for your product?

Sometimes the deodorant balm can get quite firm in cooler weather, I recommend using a spatula to scrape some out and try rubbing it in the palm of your hand to soften before application.

Who gives the best hugs in your life?

The best hugs most definitely come from my two daughters, my partner, and of course my beautiful Mama.

Thank you once again Jen from Little Blue Wren Vintage for sharing our passion by supplying all our our Big Hug Boxes with your products that are perfect for patients receiving our Big Hug Boxes.