The Big Hug Box partners with Ecosa

Our Original Big Hug Box includes only the highest quality of products specifically chosen to address the numerous challenges and side effects of radiation and chemotherapy can cause a patient facing cancer to experience. 

We simply could not create such a premium gift for those facing cancer without the committed support from our suppliers, to which some donate their products to be included in our Big Hug Boxes making it extremely affordable as a gift.We pride ourselves on including products that are sourced only from Australian companies.

Whilst we were extremely saddened to hear of the closure of Baines Manchester Australia and thank them for their amazing support we are extremely thrilled to announce the newest addition to our Big Hug Box community.

The Big Hug Box is proud to announce their new partnership with Ecosa  who will be supplying their high quality Bamboo Pillowcases (RRP $30) to be included in each of our Big Hug Boxes. Using 100% organic sources (the bamboo grass without any pesticides), less water in production, and dyes that need no chemicals to stick these pillowcases will help with patients experiencing hair loss and scalp sensitivities as a result of treatment for cancer and chemotherapy.

These Bamboo Pillowcases are now included in our boxes along with products such as anti-nausea tea, our famous I Love Oma Ginger biscuits, Online Mindfulness sessions, Soul Bath Soaks including lavender and much more and ready to be shipped to someone you love facing cancer.

See below all the benefits of bamboo below!

Bamboo Pillowcases for hairloss and cancer

 A very big welcome and thankyou to Ecosa for their support and supplying their wonderful premium quality bamboo pillowcases. Be sure to keep an eye out for them in your next order.

Bamboo Pillowcase best gift idea for cancer patients

Also if you haven't tried sleeping on bamboo sheets, it is a definite must!

We hope that our patients love them as much as we do. Thankyou again to the team at Ecosa for providing the perfect pillowcase to assist in supporting our patients.

With Kindness,

Your Big Hug Box Team


Bamboo Pillowcases for cancer patients