The Original Big Hug: All the product a patient needs to help through treatment for cancer

When the idea of The Big Hug Box came to mind, and the potential it would have to support cancer patients now and into the future through supporting cancer researchers Founder Lisa jumped straight into it.

The concept was simple, to be a gift that was filled as much as possible with practical, comforting and empowering products that would help not only the patient facing treatment for cancer but also the friends and families around them wanting to help. We knew that our Big Hug Boxes had the potential to evolve as we listened to the challenges patients faced whilst going through cancer and that is exactly what it has done.

This week has been a massive week as The Big Hug Box announced two very important products addressing two very prominent (but often forgotten) symptoms and challenges that a patient is made to face

1) Mouth and Oral Hygiene - often patients are left with dry mouth, ulcers and when enduring treatment

2) Mental Wellbeing- with so many thoughts at such a uncertain, chaotic and emotional time 

It is therefore that we are proud to announce that two new additions to our already premium gift have been added

1) Hylodent Mouth Gel - This brand is the highest quality oral care product designed to sooth and provide antibacterial protection. Its travel size is perfect for the patient to carry in their treatment bag to help soother a sore mouth.

2) Online Mindfulness Session - being online, makes these sessions accessible from home, hospital or whilst in a day clinic. Specially created for The Big Hug Box by Head and Heart Mindfulness, the patient will be able calm thoughts and mind. We are so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to collaborate and thank our Ambassador, Tracy Morel for her wonderful support.

Mental Wellbeing, Cancer Care, Gift idea

With two new but very important products we are absolutely thrilled with the next level of comfort The Big Hug Box can provide. 

We continue to be proud of including only the highest quality products that are as natural and organic as possible, making it even more possible for the most patients with the most severe side effects to be able to enjoy.

For a full list of our empowering, comforting and uplifting products that are included in our Big Hug Boxes click here.





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