What’s the power of one Big Hug Box donation?

The Big Hug Box – Random Hug of Kindness initiative, supporting Australian cancer patients.  

In 2020, we received a donation of a Big Hug Box, otherwise known as a Random Hug of Kindness, an empowering and practical cancer care package to be delivered to an Australian undergoing cancer treatment.

This Random Hug of Kindness landed in the most enthusiastic and appreciative hands of Brigid, a 47-year-old Victorian Mum/Sister/Daughter/Friend among many other things, who at the time was undergoing treatment for Bowel Cancer.

“She loved it so much” – said Kelleigh, reflecting on her sister’s reaction to receiving her surprise Big Hug Box.

Feeling love and support from her community, Brigid felt compelled despite being so sick at the time, to pay it forward. Inspired by kindness and knowing just how tough it can be, Brigid was determined to show support to others in her community who were also facing a cancer diagnosis.

In March of 2020, despite her ongoing treatments, inspired and eager Brigid organised a fundraiser, resulting in the purchase of 35 Big Hug boxes.

“I have no idea how she did it, she was so determined as it had made such a difference to her. She wanted to be able to share that with people.” – said Kelleigh

Sadly, in May 2020 Brigid passed away, leaving behind two beautiful daughters who she loved dearly, her family and many friends.

Though, Brigid’s gift of kindness continues. Inspired by Brigid’s selflessness, determination and strength, Kelleigh along with friends and family, are determined to continue fundraising for The Big Hug Box, in honour and memory of Brigid.

In May 2021, Kelleigh and friends organised A Walk for Boo - outstandingly, raising just over $3,000 and spreading comfort and care to more than 40 cancer patients across Australian hospitals and treatment centres.

And so just one Big Hug donation, has inspired kindness and support for more than 75 Australian cancer patients.

On May 1st, 2022 Boo’s Walk will be taking place again, raising funds for The Big Hug Box to provide Random Hugs of Kindness to cancer patients at a local treatment centre, Peninsula Private Hospital, where Kelleigh works.

Boo's Walk - 1 May 2022 - Fundraising for Brigid

In addition to honouring her sister, Kelleigh also fundraises for The Big Hug Box to show support to her mother and mother-in-law who are currently facing a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

“It’s such a lovely way to show that you love this person, and that you’re beside them when they are in a dark place” – said Kelleigh

To donate to Boo’s Walk 2022, visit: https://www.facebook.com/donate/1000182017307778

Or while you’re here, why not donate or send your own Big Hug Box?

You just never know what the power of one Big Hug Box donation may be.

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