We did it! The Big Hug Box makes it's first donation

When an initial idea to create The Big Hug Box came to mind, setting it up as a not for profit charity was clear in my mind.

The Big Hug Box would support cancer patients and their family through the shock of a diagnosis with all profits from sales to cancer research. This would be our way to make a difference and let people know that we understood their feelings and emotions of helplessness and uncertainty.It was going to take the commitment and support of the community but we were up for the challenge.

Who would have thought that we would be where we are today?

Only six months the support has been endless, later From local newspapers, to suppliers to organisations and individuals donating and purchased Big Hug Boxes for loved ones, it really did reassure me that we had this and our concept had the ability to help people in Australia face cancer.

Our success is shared amongst the community, and has been demonstrated not only by feedback from customers and patients but again on the 2nd July where we were able to hand over our first cheque to Cure Cancer Australia.

This cheque is assured to be the first of many. As we presented Cure Cancer with the cheque, Sarah Cross, from Cure Cancer Australia explained how the money will be used to support our young cancer researchers, where in early stages of their careers, grants are hard to receive and momentum is hard to achieve.

Supporting breakthrough ideas is needed to save lives or even find a cure for cancer and The Big Hug Box is proud to support Cure Cancer Australia, we've got this!





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