Vale Professor Martin Tattersall AO

We are saddened to share that on Sunday the 30th August we lost a world leading oncologist and I personally lost the man who saved my life and my friend.
For anyone who may not be aware, I have Professor Tattersall to thank for the life I have today. His world renown expertise in oncology enabled him confidently treat my rare cancer diagnosis in 2015 to achieve what he would describe to many, as a "miracle" outcome.
Prof was also a world pioneer in delivering patient centred care. From our very first meeting we experienced his kindness delivered through his smile, warmth in tone of voice and elimination of medical jargon kept us empowered through treatment.
As many patients will no doubt tell you, The Prof understood the patient's journey- the fear, the uncertainty and all the other emotions that come with a diagnosis of cancer. He would have your back and only be a phone call away.
After my treatment had ended Prof Tattersall was a major part of my inspiration for the Big Hug Box. I can only hope with The Big Hug Box that we can help carry on his message of kindness, whilst contributing to the support of young researchers through our monthly donations to Cure Cancer.
Like so many, I will miss Professor Tattersall dearly, not only as a brilliant oncologist but as a lovely man. I will forever hold an indescribable amount of gratitude that he made sure I would be here to see my daughters grow up and use my empowered experiences to help others facing cancer.
Professor Martin Tattersall


  • Julie Lepre

    Just saw the message what a shame a brilliant soft spoken man to go with a debilitating disease. He was was my husband’s doctor in 2013

  • Trish

    My words and sentiment exactly. I too am a rare cancer patient. He removed all the fear out of my life; always exercised a light handed holistic pathway; always ’let’s try this first’. I became his patient in January 2010- nearly 11 years ago- following the primary diagnosis with metastases scattered through my organs, the hand on the shoulder and the sympathetic look.
    Today I am a living testament to his magical oncology skill, innate care and friendly compassion.I am privileged to have been one of his patients.
    He gave me these 10 extra years. A friend who shared his personal mobile number. He was the only doctor I know whose patients left his rooms, clutching their scans and laughing.
    Vale, Prof Tattersall – what an incredible doctor you were- we shall miss you. And thank you.

  • MArgaret MCMahon

    Professor Tattersall treated me when I was young with a rare cancer 1980. I lived in Kempsey and was what we thought pregnant with our first baby. After many tests and procedures locally was referred to professor Tattersall at King GeorgeV. After months of chemo and weeks away from home ( he all the time assuring me that he could cure me and I would have a family) he did just that. I went into have 3 healthy sons who are now in their 30’s and children of their own.
    He was a lovely, kind man and I am very grateful for what he did.
    So very sorry to hear of his passing. My deepest sympathy to his family.

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