The Big Hug Box: Not only sending Big Hugs.

I love this quote when it comes to talking about strength..
“A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its persistence - Jim Watkins

Our Big Hug Boxes are not a gift to say “I am Sorry” but instead a box focused on sending strength and support to persist to cut through the challenges cancer makes a patient face. Being able to persist through challenges is a reflection on a mindset that allows positivity and acceptance of a situation someone may be in.

It is important that when we talk about maintaining a positive mindset when dealing with cancer, that it is recognised not as only hoping for a curable treatment, but something more than that which will assist a patient to cope with their challenges faced on a daily basis. 

Whilst we our researchers continue to dedicate their lives all year round to find cures for all cancer, there is more underlying the significance and importance for the patient and the families of how to create a mindset to help them and gain their "strength" as the physical and emotional toll that cancer treatment takes on a patient, is something that is presents itself every single day. Strength in this context is a way of finding a way to get through every day without accumulation of feeling defeated by the disease.


When products were selected for The Big Hug Box, this was a key consideration, how could we provide strength to the patient receiving this box? Each individual would have different ways of feeling strong; how could The Big Hug Box help?

Each product was chosen with purpose to encompass multiple ways of helping to give strength and comfort whether it was to be relaxing in a bath or self-care, through affirmations, through spirituality or even just through sleep.

We hope that every patient who has received a Big Hug Box has felt empowered in some way through the special products enclosed, and we hope that the person sending it has also felt as though that they have helped the person that they care about in some way.

We hope that with our Big Hug Boxes, you all have been given a little strength in a challenging time and we thank you everyone who has played a vital role in helping more of Australia about the strength and support we can provide. When there are no words.

If you haven't already checked it out, The Big Hug Box is turning one! Tickets are available in our shop now! We would love to see you there.

With Gratitude,

Lisa Greissl

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