The Big Hug Box has launched!

A very big welcome to you all and thank you for visiting my page.

This project has been an extremely rewarding project so far and I am extremely confident that it will in time to come. I have been fortunate to have some fantastic small businesses jump on board to support this project which has produced an exceptional gift box for cancer patients going through extremely tough treatment.

You see, I know all too well how tough mentally and physically treatment can be after I was diagnosed with a rare and malignant tumour on my spine in 2015. 

Most of the time that I was going through treatment was a blur. I was in bed ill for a week at a time and many continued to ask how they could help me. I honestly didn´t even know how I could help myself.

I am extremely fortunate to say that I am almost 2 years in remission and I often find myself reflecting on what I went through and how I could perhaps make it easier for the patient and also loved ones around them to help.

I know that any patient who receives A Big Hug Box will find this gift calming and helpful in conquering their battle as all products have been chosen with my heart to support in each person in their own challenges they face with cancer treatment. 

I am extremely thrilled to launch The Big Hug Box and have it available for sale. 



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