The Big Hug Box: Supporting World Cancer Day: 4th February 2018


What a week it has been since launching The Big Hug Box! I am absolutely thrilled to say that it has been not what I expected but in an amazingly good way!

When I was creating the Big Hug Box, I saw that World Cancer day was coming up and am extremely pleased that we have been able to become available for purchase in the lead up to World Hug Day. It really is such a great gift idea for patients and really fits in well with their calls for change.

I particularly like the call "Inspire Action, Take Action", to me, this means that anyone can buy a Big Hug Box, whether they directly know someone going through cancer or not, means that everyone can take action in building more awareness and raising much more needed funds for cancer research.

We have received a lot of feedback from patients that has already been extremely rewarding to which I can see amazing things for The Big Hug Box, and as I like to say, the "best is yet to come". The more awareness we can build of this great present idea for those needing a much needed hug whilst going through treatment for cancer. It can be extremely challenging, both mentally and physically. The Big Hug Box has products that are specially chosen to assist.

Feedback has been amazing, in fact on the second day after The Big Hug Box's Launch I received this-

"The big hug box is for a lovely young lady I work with who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer :( It’s hard to know what to say or do so the hug box is such a great idea!!"

Pretty much sums up what The Big Hug is all about. 

So, what do you get when you purchase a Big Hug Box for your loved one?

Firstly you can know that you are sending them a high quality gift with useful products to help through treatment. Secondly you should know that all profits are going directly back into cancer research, to our chosen charity Cure Cancer Australia. 

So let's Inspire Action by Taking Action on World Cancer Day. 

Lis x


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