Motherhood and Cancer: Superwomen Celebrities - Sally Obermeder

Two words should never go in the same sentence, Motherhood and Cancer...
..but as many would Cancer does not discriminate. There is no doubt about it, that there are some absolute super women and so in the lead up to Mothers Day we wanted to share the words and stories of some celebrities who are also Mothers who have kicked cancers butt.
The Big Hug Box are proud to donate all proceeds from sales of their gifts to Cure Cancer who fund researchers for all types of cancers and so this Mothers Day we are proud to donate all our proceeds to supporting their dedicated cancer researchers, many who are mums themselves.
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So this Sunday evening, we are sharing the words from first kick ass cancer warrior celebrity who we greatly admire here at Big Hug Box HQ, Sally Obemeder.
Sally shared "I felt like my femininity had been taken away from me – it was all about survival, going out there and living life as best as you can “
“You cope, because you have to. You have no choice, you just do it – there’s nothing else you can do really. It wasn’t ideal [being diagnosed while pregnant] but it’s what it was,” she told Mamamia last year*
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