Make Random Act of Kindness Day this 17th February count!

random act of kindness ideas for cancer patient

Random act of kindness (roak) day for cancer patients
Did you know......
Random Act of Kindness Day is this Saturday the 17th February?
The Big Hug Box this year has a idea for you  that is a 
small act but with big impact.
You could complete the ultimate Random Act of Kindness for a cancer patient this year by purchasing a RHoK or Mini RHoK Box (pictured above).
When you purchase a RHoK or Mini RHoK Box your gift will be delivered at the end of February to a patient receiving treatment for cancer at the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. 
For only $25 you have the power on Random Act of Kindness Day to brighten the day of a cancer patient ( talk about feel good vibes!)
So what is in the Mini RHoK Box?
10 x "North Sea" Anti Nausea Loose Leaf Tea Bags by Roam Organics Restore calm with this herbal blend  including peppermint, ginger, lemon myrtle specifically designed to aid the symptoms of nausea.  

1 x Inspirational Quote Card - " You are brave and brilliant and oh so resilient"-  Words have the ability to uplift the spirits of any person who's eyes fall upon them. This quote has been selected by myself and remains to be a quote that resonates with me. The growth that we experience in challenges that we are faced with are immeasurable.

1 x Citrus and Peppermint Lip Balm - made by Little Blue Wren. It's blend of Citrus and Peppermint has been made with the highest quality "Young Living" Oils

 5x Ginger Biscuits from I Love Oma -  Delicate ginger biscuits helping to ease nausea and small enough for the littlest of appetites.

1 x Smoky Quartz Gemstone from The Rox Box - Smoky quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones. This protective stone has a strong link with the earth and base chakras.  It is a superb antidote to stress. Amongst some of its properties is the ability to fortify resolve and to assist in tolerating difficult times. 

A donation to Cure Cancer Australia with the sale of every RHoK Box there will be a donation made to Cure Cancer Australia, funding our youngest and brightest cancer researchers in finding a cure.

random act of kindness ideas for cancer patient

1. A cancer patient will be randomly receiving a gift box filled with products that will be sure to brighten there day. See our product information and pictures for what is included

2. You will help to raise money for Cure Cancer Australia, who fund Australia’s brightest, most innovative emerging researchers working across all areas of cancer research and all cancer types.

3. You get to participate in Random Act of Kindness Day in 2018, making it the most successful to date (make sure to tag @the_big_hug_box and hashtag #thebighugbox  #RHoK #raok2018 #raok)

4. You make your day amazing by knowing that you have made someone else's day amazing! 

Buy your Mini RHoK Box here now and join us in making a difference this Random Act of Kindness Day 2018.


random act of kindness ideas for cancer patient


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