Immeasurable Kindness

Yesterday was an incredibly special day for The Big Hug Box where I was able to meet Meryn for the first time and hear about her motivation to support and give to others despite her own ongoing challenges with cancer. We shared many conversations and as I left the hospital I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by Meryn's incredible display of compassion and strength.
As I sat in the car I thought to myself... When I try to measure or capture in a post just how much of an impact our boxes are having on the community, it seems almost impossible. How can one capture the feeling of joy, connection and compassion in as many words? I don't think we ever will be able to - but that is what makes The Big Hug Box so incredibly special.
Yesterday was the perfect reminder that together we have created something special - to all our community who have donated or sent a Big Hug Box to someone with cancer and whilst we will never be able to explicitly measure that impact we can all take a little bit of comfort knowing that we are making this world just a little easier for so many affected by cancer through our kindness.

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