Helping fight cancer with kindness

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The Big Hug Box are committed to supporting as many patients as possible and we are thrilled that for this random act of kindness day 2019 on 17th February 2019 that we had so many organisations and individuals donate boxes towards our next deliveries.

This year we asked the community to nominate other cancer centres to assist us in sharing random acts of kindness to the wider Australian community. We received a number of nominations of centres from patients, families and friends and from these we selected Cancer Centre, Gosford Hospital and also the Comprehensive Cancer at Sir Gairdner Charles Hospital.

As I spoke to the social workers of the two centres, I explained that our giftboxes are filled with carefully selected products to help a patient facing treatment for cancer with products such as anti nausea tea, ginger biscuits and uplifting quote card. I shared with her the wonderful feedback that so many had thought that this really was the best gift idea for someone facing cancer when there were no words.

I am pleased to let you all know that today, 2 RHoK boxes were sent to Sir Gairdner Hospital and then on Monday we will be hand delivering two Random Hug Of Kindness Boxes to the Cancer Centre at Gosford Hospital.

For all those other wonderful centres that have been nominated, we look forward to sharing these wonderful acts of kindness.

A very big thank you to everyone who showed their support and continue to do so.

You are all RHoK Stars! 

Big Hugs


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