Hannover Re x The Big Hug Box: Care and compassion for each and every recovery

In late 2021, Hannover Re expressed a need to show greater support to their clients in rehabilitation beyond their usual services provided; with a focus on human connection and providing support with a personal touch – Hannover Re joined forces with The Big Hug Box.

The Big Hug Box is proud to share a special collaboration curated just for Hannover Re clients in rehabilitation from cancer.

Big Hug Box for cancer patients in recovery

To share the success of this collaboration, our founder Lisa Greissl was invited to speak at the Hannover Re’s monthly operations forum. Lisa shared just how powerful sending a Big Hug Box could be for a patient who is recovering from cancer.

 “It is extremely important for the wellbeing of a patient that we connect with a patient, showing empathy and compassion to the ongoing challenges that many patients face, well long after cancer treatment has concluded. I am extremely proud to have worked with June and her team to create a care pack for her clients, this initiative is industry leading and will make a tremendous difference to the outcomes of patients” 

– Lisa Greissl, Founder of The Big Hug Box


With carefully curated products including sunscreen, Moo Goo moisturiser, a gentle lip balm, and a Byron Bay Cookie Company ginger biscuit, this specialised collaboration has been very well received by clients of Hannover Re during their recovering from their cancer.

If you’d like to know more about The Big Hug Box or if you’d like to collaborate with us, please email hello@thebighugbox.com 


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