Big Ideas turned into A Big Hug Box: Introducing Founder, Lisa Greissl

Lisa Greissl Founder of Big Húg Box

I read an article the other day about a cancer survivor wanting to say "Thankyou" to cancer as her battle had made her stronger, more determined and challenged her to attempt anything that her heart desired. Whilst I will never be able to bring myself to say those exact words, I could relate to the determined mind and heart that the other cancer survivor had. One phrase I have found myself saying lately as a result of my cancer experiences is that “ I have nothing to lose”.

My name is Lisa Greissl, and I am the Founder of the Big Hug Box. I am a wife, a mum of two beautiful little girls and live in Newcastle Australia and a cancer survivor.

Whilst everyone says that my story is one especially that people can´t help but get emotionally attached to, truth is, there are many horrific stories of cancer and lives being taken as a cancer diagnosis shocks Australians 124, 435 times in a year (

I received my shock on the 18th December 2015. Now, it is hard to believe that this day almost 2 years ago I would have just been coming home from surgery at the RPA, Sydney after a very short and intense fight against a rare and malignant tumor. 

Alarm bells had actually started ringing from a midwife home visit only 4 days after my daughter was born. I was re-admitted into hospital, the same one that I had been in only 4 days earlier to have my second daughter, however this time with a blood clot. From what had been swelling in pregnancy, cancer was the furthest from my mind

Soon after MRIs, CT Scans and PET scans plus blood tests started. We awaited my diagnosis for months, during this wait it had felt like it had all been a bad dream. Due to being such an unusual case, much time was being spent figuring out the best treatment plan. My case was sent to Sydney for which further studies were done. Specialists told me that they hadn’t seen such a tumor before it had characteristics of not just one type of tumor and was highly aggressive.

I knew I was in trouble.

I don’t want to share too much of my story with you in one go (which I promise I will be more than happy to share over time). My diagnosis had turned my life completely upside down, as it continues to do on daily basis for many. 

I also wanted to write this blog to share my reasons for creating The Big Hug Box.

As I created the The Big Hug Box , two main objectives evolved. The first being to provide friends and family a gift idea for loved ones going through cancer. This is particularly helpful for those who do not know what to say or how they can help. A cancer diagnosis shocks everyone, not just the patient, The Big Hug Box is not just any gift but a gift filled with useful products that are as natural and organic as possible based on my own experiences.

The second very important objective was to raise further money and awareness for cancer research, I am particularly proud to let you know that we are a not for profit organisation. All profits will go back directly to Cure Cancer Australia, supporting our youngest and brightest cancer researchers, the same not for profit organisation that provided my oncologist, Professor Tattersall with 3 research grants over thirty years ago.

I am extremely proud of what I have created and so far The Big Hug Box has had a tremendous amount of positive feedback from many grateful receivers. I am so thrilled that together we can make a difference in the lives of cancer patients now, through sending them a Big Hug Box product filled with love in every box, and also through raising money for vital research.

Thankyou for choosing to follow The Big Hug Box´s Journey, I can assure you there is plenty more to come.

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  • Mayer Josef

    Liebe Lisa,

    wunderbar, dass du jetzt anderen Menschen in ihrer Not hilfst.
    Danke für eure Weihnachtspost und ganz liebe Grüße und beste Wünsche vom Petersberg für das neue Jahr 2019. Eure Weihnachtspost war ohne Adresse. Ich lasse euch meine Antwort über Stephanie und Jason zukommen. Herzliche Segenswünsche, Euer Josef Mayer vom Petersberg

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