Our Kindness Reaches The Northern Territory

In our attempt to spread our kindness across Australia the Big Hug Box were extremely excited to have touched base with the amazing team at The Alan Walker Cancer Centre in the Northern Territory. Just before COVID struck 16 Random Hug of Kindness Boxes made their way all the way up to the Northern Territory (in which we will share more about their amazing express journey up to the Northern Territory very shortly.)

As part of sharing more about this amazing delivery today we are extremely grateful to share a patient story from Tanya Anderson, who reached out to us very shortly after receiving her Random Hug of Kindness Box.

Tanya was meant to be in Greece for a celebration With family and friends, but diagnosed with breast cancer just before paying for tickets 29th November 2019 and then COVID19 she found herself in a much different place.

Shortly after her diagnosis, Tanya started her treatment at the Alan Walker Cancer Centre in the Northern Territory. Although having a clinical background as a Clinical Nurse Manager in Operating Theatres for the last 14years Tanya says that "Even being a nurse, no one can prepare you for what Journey you will go through, as each persons journey is different, with side effects and how you cope mentally".

At the moment Tanya attends weekly Chemo and has 6 weeks till it changes to 3 weekly till approx March next year. She also shared with us that "In about 8 weeks I have 5 weeks of radiotherapy, So I still have a long way to go". 

On the day that Tanya received our big hug box she said that she had just received the news that she still had nine more sessions of this chemo to go after thinking that she only had one.

We cannot imagine the shock of hearing news like this and the disappointment that comes with it, Tanya shared with us "You could imagine my delight in receiving your big hug box on this day"

"I was so taken aback I had tears, especially when I looked inside and saw the contents. All the caring items needed when receiving Chemotherapy. I was overwhelmed with delight as I had suffered very nasty mouth and throat ulcers, cracked and swollen painful lips, extreme nausea. I couldn't drink coffee and with my newly bald head after sitting on my hair for 50 years getting comfortable at night. It was obvious that who ever put these big hugs together had gone through the same chemo as I. Thank you Big Hug Box for making an unpleasant experience more bearable"

Tanya with a Big Hug Box at Allan Walker Cancer Centre

When not in treatment Tanya loves to travel, especially to the USA to play with her grand baby,  swim with the turtles, paddle board and take awesome long walks.

As we can’t travel, my husband and I have paddle boards so we go here in Darwin to lake Alexander and swim in our pool, which is fabulous for rehab post surgery And Chemo. We also love walking our dogs and just hanging at our property, so much to keep one entertained after working for so many years and not having time. Just loving life. 

Thank you Tanya for sharing your story with us, we love your positivity and energy, you are an inspiration to us we are so glad to hear that you enjoyed receiving your Big Hug and kindness from all our supporters of our Random Hug of Kindness Boxes.

From all of us at The Big Hug Box we thank all our donors who allow these deliveries just like this one to Tanya. Next week we will be sharing more of this wonderful delivery to the Northern Territory with you.

If you would like to donate a box towards Allan Walkers next delivery other amazing women and men would love to receive your kindness.



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