The Big Hug Box deliver to Olivia Newton –John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre

Olivia Newton John Cancer Centre

With a mission to deliver as many donated Big Hug Boxes, or what we like to call RHoK Boxes (Random Hug of Kindness Boxes) we are extremely thrilled to announce that your Random Hugs Of Kindness Boxes will also soon be received by Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre. The centre will now become part of 5 centres in NSW, QLD and VIC that will receive your donated random hugs of kindness.

If you haven't already heard about The Olivia Newton -John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre, they are located in Victoria and are a comprehensive cancer centre that not only treat cancer patients but also carry out breakthrough research and clinical trials. What we particularly love about the Olivia Newton-John  Cancer Wellness and Research Centre is that they hold a very strong focus on wellness as an important part of treatment of a patient facing cancer.

At The Big Hug Box, we know that kindness is a perfect contributor to wellness and happiness of a patient and as many already know kindness is at the front and centre of everything we do. With every Random Hug of Kindness that is donated and then gifted to a patient provides an immeasurable amount of happiness and also is the perfect distraction to their day. 

We welcome with the biggest hug the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre and we cannot wait to deliver many boxes your way.

You can now donate a RHoK Box directly to this centre today. Who will be the first to send them their very first Big Hug Box?

 Carepack for cancer patients Olivia Newton John Centre