Happiness is Here: RHoK Box Delivery Day

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When I first thought of this concept I was extremely excited for many reasons but particularly the three below:

1) Creating unexpected moments of happiness in the lowest of moments for many cancer patients. When they were needed the most.

2) That the profits of every sale would continue to be going to continue to support Cure Cancer Australia in funding our youngest and brightest cancer researchers

3) The immeasurable feel good vibes that I could help create amongst the community. I knew it would be sure to become contagious!

With a goal of 30 RHoK Boxes we managed to sell 36 in total and now it was time to deliver them (after some serious packing!)

On Tuesday 6th March we headed down to Sydney with a carboot full of boxes!

A gift idea for cancer patients - Surprise!

As we arrived at Chris O´Brien Lifehouse I was greeted by Lorainne. Lorainne was my first point of contact at the Chris O´Brien Lifehouse who works tirelessly weekdays and weekends to manage all the volunteers and provide support at any time of day or night any day of the week. Simply an amazing woman!

Loraine and I carefully placed the 36 boxes were presented on a table for staff of the Chris O´Brien Lifehouse to see. I then introduced myself and the team to an array of people who were attending - Social Workers, Nurses, Head and Neck Radiation Oncologists, Business Development Execs and Gail O´Brien (OAM) , wife of the late Chris O´Brien, an extremely inspirational woman. I explained that all these beautiful boxes had been bought by the community as a random act of kindness. 

Chris Obrien Lifehouse . Gifts for cancer patients

Shortly after the presentation, social workers started picking up some of the RHoK Boxes explaining that they would be gifting them to patients arriving in the early hours on their 2am shift. Lorainne asked me to grab one and come with her.

We traveled up to the 7th floor and we gently knocked on the door of a patient who had just had radiation and surgery for breast cancer, it was also her birthday. As we walked in the room I tried my very best to keep it together, knowing that someone was facing a challenge similar to mine was too hard to comprehend. 

I explained a little about the box and that I hoped it provided her with some comfort as she recovered from her surgery. Each and every person in that room shared a tear for the hope of recovery and the amount of gratitude that someone had thought of them and purchased the RHoK as a gift for them.

It was then that all the rest of the boxes were packed up ready to be distributed. The boxes are slowly being gifted to patients and are spreading happiness across the centre.

I would like to say a BIG Thankyou to everyone who helped to make this happen. People like my Mum, who helped get me down to Sydney with the girls, my Husband, Anton, who helped me individually wrap the specially made cookies at 9pm the night before, to all my suppliers I Love Oma, Little Blue Wren, Roam Organics and the Rox Box whose products make these boxes shine, to Lorraine and Gail from Chris O´Brien Lifehouse for their support, to Alice Dore, who captured the day on video and is busy creating some special content for you to share in the day. To very important behind the scenes, Adam O´Brien in helping The Big Hug Box come to life, friends and family for their support and also all of the community whose purchases made this happen.

Isn´t it amazing what can happen when so many people come together?

And more exciting news is, that the first RHoK Box for the next delivery has already been sold! Stay tuned to find out our next delivery date.

The video will be shared with you all soon




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