Delivered! The First Big Hug Box

It was the night before the delivery of my very first Big Hug Box and I found myself being quite emotional. Grateful, Excited, Proud..... Nervous.

The last four months saw an idea of gifting cancer patients with a hamper filled with products helping them through the challenges of cancer had finally been sealed and ready to be delivered.

I thought to myself as I glued a little heart to the box that every time I would complete this, would represent a little piece of my heart that has gone into the creation of The Big Hug Box.

The very first Big Hug Box was personally delivered to Traci to gift her friend Sharron the next day, who had recently been diagnosed with multiple cancers.

As I handed Traci the Box, I felt incredibly fortunate to be in this position to help others in supporting those now receiving cancer treatment and making the challenges these patients face just a little more bearable.

Today, Traci sent me this photo.

Sharon Plumb (middle) receiving her Big Hug Box with her friends Serena Denwick, and Traci Snow whilst undergoing treatment for multiple cancers (Bladder, Pelvic and Cervical). 

(Photo: Sharon Plumb (Middle) receiving her Big Hug Box with her friends Serena Denwick (Left) and Traci Snow (Right) whilst in the midst of treatment for multiple cancers  (Bladder, Pelvic and Cervical))

It is hard to describe what I felt when I received this photo, there were so many emotions. Seeing the smiling faces, particularly Sharon´s made me feel like I had perfectly captured the vision and end goal that I had in my mind.

Firstly, the positive feelings a cancer patient who receiving a gift box filled with products specially suited to help them through their treatment would feel. And Secondly, taking that uncertainty away from friends and family who knew of someone going through treatment and were not too sure what to say or do.

I am extremely excited to see more photos and receive more feedback of patients receiving The Big Hug Box. With more Big Hug Boxes to be sent out early next week.