Carepacks delivered to the Cancer Chicks Community

Carepacks for Cancer Patients


It is more important than ever for us to find ways to get our Big Hug Boxes to cancer patients who are needing them most in these challenging times. Thanks to the support of Cure Cancer, last week we are extremely pleased to say that we were able to start helping cancer patients from a distance by sending our Random Hug of Kindness Boxes directly to their door.
There is no denying that these times have been incredibly challenging for everyone, but even more so for our strong cancer community. For us, our thoughts and hearts have been with all the community who are still having to attend treatment but without having their usual support persons by their side.
In finding ways to support some patients facing these challenges last week we reached out to the amazing community of Cancer Chicks Au. Cancer Chicks Au is a fantastic community of women supporting each other through the challenges of cancer, from diagnosis to treatment and even the challenges of life after cancer. Founder of The Big Hug Box, Lisa has been extremely grateful to be part of this amazing community. As a patient 4 years ago and a person still facing many challenges in life after cancer, this community has been a valuable supportive community for her in which Rikki Stern, the Founder of Cancer Chicks has done an exceptional job.
Cancer Chicks Au - A online cancer community for women
After reaching out to this community and hearing the incredible stories of strength, resilience and determination The Big Hug Box couldn't wait to pack and prepare 15 boxes to send to these amazing women. 
We would like to thank the Cure Cancer Community for their generosity and also for the amazingly strong women who reached out to us to allow us to send them a big hug. It means so much to our charity that we are still able to support our cancer community in these challenging times. To find our more about this amazing community please head to Facebook and search Cancer Chicks AU. 

“Make a difference from a distance”

Did you know we still have over 100 more of our Random Hug of Kindness boxes are packed and ready to send to patients facing cancer amongst the additional challenges of COVID-19? The Big Hug Box needs you to help us get them to the door of patients across Australia.

Make a difference for cancer patients in Australia

If you are a business or individual make a pledge of $50, $100 or $150 to help The Big Hug Box send out the rest of our care packs to patients whilst we are unable to deliver them to cancer centres.

If you can help by making this tax deductible donation to support us we would love to hear from you!
With out leaving the house you can still make a real difference
Let's do this together! Email our team at to let us know how you can help.