Introducing Gemma Nichols as our Big Hug Box Beauty Ambassador!

Our Big Hug Boxes have been extremely well received by many patients across Australia and the reason we believe why they have been so well received is because we are a charity who understand the real challenges that patients and their families face with a cancer diagnosis.

As we continue to focus on ways to empower and comfort patients and their families through a diagnosis we know that the way that we can support does not have to be just limited to our magnificent Big Hug Boxes.

Recently we revisited the question (which we often ask) of "what support could we give at a distance that will make you feel more empowered and confident to face cancer?" Especially in times of COVID and social distancing, finding a solution to this was more important than ever.

From many conversations with patients we understand that there is a struggle and huge desire for many patients just to feel like themselves as they go through treatment. Founder Lisa Greissl could relate to how many other patients were feeling to look in the mirror after losing she her lost hair, eye brows and eyelashes.

We started thinking of how we could help our community feel more like themselves and so reached out to the perfect woman who knew who might be able to help!

The Big Hug Box is proud to introduce to you tonight an incredibly talented lady (drum roll please) Gemma Nichols who will be helping you to feel confident whilst you go through treatment. Over the coming months you will get to know Gem as she shares tutorials on ways to get you feeling the best as you possibly can be whilst you face cancer.

Gem takes on this role with great excitement and will be looking forward to sharing some tutorials and tips and tricks. She will also over time will be sharing some carefully researched products including lipsticks, brow pencils and highlighter (all the essentials!) that are suited for patients undergoing treatment that will help you feel confident in getting out of the house and feeling amazing.

Get to know more about this remarkable woman on our Ambassadors Page.

So how you will be able to access these amazing tutorials?

Gem will be sharing her tutorials primarily through YouTube Videos that you will be able to access from our Big Hug Box Page Support Page. We really cannot wait, and hope to have our first tutorial up for you in the next week or so.

We are extremely grateful for Gem sharing her time and expertise with us and hope that you find these tutorials as a way to make you feel confident as you face cancer. Gem, Thank you - you are amazing!