Meet The Big Hug Box Ambassador: Tracy Morel

The Big Hug Box is pleased to announce it’s first ambassador!

Tracy Morel knows all the challenges and uncertainties cancer makes a patient and their friends and families around them face. 

Tracy Morel a stage 4 aggressive Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma patient who is receiving treatment at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Tracy was the very first receiver of our Random Hug of Kindness  (or as we like to call them RHoK Boxes) so we thought it would be great to share her story with our next delivery coming up on the 12th November (next Monday). 

At the Big Hug Box we have been honoured to have met this fearless female, who despite all the obstacles that have been put in front of her continued radiate hope and positive energy.

Cancer Fighter

We were speechless when Chris O'Brien Lifehouse shared with us that the recipient of our first RHoK Box would be a young lady from Newcastle who was constantly traveling down from Newcastle for treatment. In which Lisa, the founder of The Big Hug Box was in a very similar situation just 2 years ago.

The Big Hug Box is absolutely pleased to introduce Tracy Morel and her recount of receiving our very first RHoK Box:

“When I first heard about the Big Hug Box, I didn't understand what it really was in the beginning but I soon was going too.

At the time I received the RHoK box, I had been going through a clinical trial for immunotherapy which kept making me sick and giving me pneumonitis. So the hospital had been a regular home for me. Not the most inspiring place. I was also told some bad news that my cancer had metastasized even I was in a bit of a funk.

I was given Lisa's  number and called Lisa.. Lisa and I hit it off on the phone. I found even though we had very different cancers there was something so familiar about our experiences.

I was having amputee issues, but as we met I felt immediately welcomed through my nerves through Lisa's warm smile. We found that same connection we had talking on the phone to arrange to catch up.

When I received the RHoK box I was so excited to see the goodies inside. The box was wrapped so beautifully and such a beautiful and thoughtful surprise and brought me some joy through the emotional week I was having.

When you are going through cancer all you think about is your next scan, or your next treatment and how you are going to cope getting through it.

The idea of the big hug box is so inspiring. You don't think about the small gestures that may bring you some joy and I felt the box was so thoughtful and personal. It was like how did someone know I needed something like this.

Its a small gesture but it definitely made me smile regardless of what was happening to me. And the personal touch was getting to meet Lisa and talking about our journeys.

2 yrs ago when I was first diagnosed I was quite private about my disease. However I feel this would have been something really special to receive while I was in hospital. It makes you feel special and that beyond the journey I felt others were thinking of me. Its something I feel you don't always know you need.

It is definitely something that someone can give to someone going through cancer even if they can't find the right words to express their love or that they are thinking of that person whether it be family, friend or work colleague.

It hits all the right notes that helps to show support, love and strength to the recipient.

I really do hope that others who receive one of these boxes whether it be anonymously or through a person they know that they feel a sense of love and support. I hope it brings a smile to their face as it did mine and that it distracts from their feelings of fear or anxiety even if for a moment. Its moment that will definitely last a lifetime.


We look forward sharing more about this amazing woman. Tracy is such a strong and inspirational woman who although is currently facing her challenges with cancer is determined to help others through theirs as much as possible. From all of us at The Big Hug Box, we are so grateful for your support. She also writes her own blog to assist in other amputees and cancer patients know that they are not alone, you can follow her also on t_to_the_tracy.


If you would like to donate to assist us in reaching our largest number of RHoK Boxes donated to date, it isn't to late.  You will find them available for purchase in our shop.